Acrylic Siliconized Sealant

Acrylic Siliconized Sealant is one-component universal acrylic sealant suitable for filling cracks and joints both indoors and outdoors. It’s a cost-effective plastic-elastic sealant ideal for particularly static joints.

  • Over paintable can be used on all porous surfaces such as brick, concrete, wood etc.
  • Very easy to apply and clean.
  • Water-proof after curing.
  • No odour.
  • Conforms to the requirements of VOC content specifications in LEED credit EQc4.1 “Lowemitting products” of SCAQMD rule 1168.
Application Areas
  • Sealing of low movement joints between various construction materials (wood, concrete, brick etc.)
  • Filling cracks in walls and on ceilings.
  • Sealing joints between windows, walls, doors etc.